The Student Government Association is preparing for their upcoming senate meetings as the spring semester approaches. Their plans for on-campus events, however, are undetermined.

SGA plans to have senate meetings every Wednesday at 5 p.m., starting on Jan. 20. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all meetings will be online through Zoom. Students can find the Zoom link for the meetings on the SGA website at and click Senate Meetings under the Explore SGA tab on the left panel.

As for their plans for the events, some dates and information are undecided due to the pandemic. The organization plans on hosting Mudbowl tentatively on Apr. 11, 2021, since it was moved from the fall due to COVID-19 restrictions. SGA is making sure that students are safe from COVID-19 while participating the event. The rest of the events are yet to be determined.

“We just want to make sure that everyone can be in that safe environment and feel comfortable,” SGA Executive Secretary Janesa Wine said. “So as far as on-campus events and that sort, we’re still trying to plan and it’s a lot more to put into it than just saying, ‘Hey, we’re having an event on this day and this month, this year’ because there is a lot more planning that has to go into that.”

SGA normally holds its campus Blood Drive in the spring; however, the date and information are unknown due to concerns of COVID-19.

As students take online classes at home, SGA works towards an outreach to communicate with students and help them to get involved on campus. The organization plans to possibly co-sponsor some events on campus.

“With COVID going on, there’s not a lot of places that we can do outreach so we’re trying to get into like certain centers on campus and maybe with housing,” Wine said. “So some things are in the work that I can’t really talk too much on because I don’t want to promise something if we can’t make it work, but our main goal is bringing back that outreach because we feel like a lot of students are off-campus right now with online classes and not feeling comfortable and things of that sort. So our biggest goal is outreach, and we really want students to feel comfortable enough to just communicate with us and feel as though we are here for them for this entire process.”

According to Wine, more information about SGA events will come as the spring semester continues. If SGA hosts on-campus events, they will follow university guidelines and require social distancing and masks.