The buzz of construction equipment and the chatter of incoming freshmen and their upperclassmen counterparts filled the air around the new dorms, Governor’s Terrace North and South and Martha Dickerson Erikkson Hall, last week. Students walked past the unfinished lawn into their new homes, toting boxes and bags.

“I really like the setup,” said APSU sophomore Atarah Lockett, gazing around the North hall lobby. “It’s not what I expected but I’m excited to see the landscaping when it’s done.”

More than her room or the expansive quad yet to come, Lockett said she most looks forward to the new eatery in Erikkson, which she believes will be a huge asset for students who live far from the food court in the UC.

According to APSU director of housing Joe Mills, the sod will be laid in the next three weeks. Trees, however, will not be planted until the heat is more forgiving in October or November.

Aside from the unfinished outward appearance, where dirt and construction dominate the landscape, the dorms are complete.

“All three halls are open to students,” Mills said Friday. “Freshmen moved into Erikkson yesterday and upperclassmen are moving into North and South today.”

On Drane Street, the new complex will house 400 students and is at 96 percent of capacity. In 2011 Cross, Killebrew and Rawlins stood where the Governors Terrace Complex now stands. The more than 40-year-old dorms were torn down in order to build larger halls for APSU’s increasing enrollment. The existing set of dorms could not handle the rate at which the university is growing.

In addition to the sheer numbers of new spaces for students, the complex will feature an eatery for students on the bottom floor of Erikkson Hall.

“I think we are happy with what we have,” Mills said of the residence halls. He is most excited for when the residential mall – or quad – is complete. “I can’t wait to see students reading, studying, and throwing the Frisbee out there.”