Walking around campus, it won’t take long to spot a student who has a tattoo. You can learn a lot about someone simply by asking about their tattoos, whether it symbolizes something important in their lives or it’s just for fun.

 All the tattoos around campus tell a story. It is also a great way to break the ice and make new friends around campus

Health and human performance major Benjamin Rios III has several different tattoos that all tell a tale, especially the one he got done in October 2021.

“I met somebody immediately after that who resembled the tattoo, who I still see as like a guardian angel in my life,” Rios shared. 

He feels like the tattoo is now a representation of her, and he sees her there every time he looks down. 

Ella Holland, a freshman majoring in communications, and English major Ashley Mathison shared more fun, light-hearted story about their tattoos. Holland had hers done by a coworker afterhours in a restaurant she worked in. Mathison commemorated a trip she shared with her brother to Colorado by getting matching tattoos.  He got a triangle while she got a heart.

There are many different tattoo artists around the Clarksville area to investigate when deciding to get a tattoo for yourself. A few Austin Peay students recommended their own personal, favorite artists.

Dallas Selge, a sophomore engineering major, recommends Don Taylor at Love Blood Ink.

Selge has the Greek letter delta tattooed on his chest. For him, this symbol represents his change throughout college. 

“It drips into a water ripple to symbolize me going with the flow,” said Selge. 

The ripple then turns into a wave to represent his love for the ocean. 

Freshman Zac Wagenmaker, who is a nursing major recommends Matt Jewell from 2 Dot Crew Tattoo. Wagenmaker has a half sleeve done that symbolizes standing up for everything he believes in. 

“He is like the best tattoo artist here, I don’t care what anybody says,” said Wagenmaker. “He is an ink master.”