» By Lynsie Cook

Contributing writer

As summer comes to an end, great news for APSU continues to transpire. One of the major additions to APSU this year resolves a problem nearly all students have faced: parking.

No longer will students fight over parking spots or resort to creating their own under trees and on rocky gravel.

APSU has added 650 overflow parking spaces to the southwest side of campus through the addition of the old Jenkins and Wynne dealership.

Any parking pass can be used in these new parking spaces, and APSU’s Office of Public Safety and Campus Police department have released an updated map and parking policy guide.

Chris Crozier, junior corporate communication major, said, “People who have classes in buildings near the new parking lot will most likely park there, which will open up other parking spaces around campus.”

Another great addition to APSU is a new permanent sculpture entitled The Cardboard Kids: Monument to the Non-Traditional Students, created to represent the struggles and obstacles nontraditional students face as they continue their education.

APSU is unique in that it has a large portion of nontraditional students. According to a study conducted by APSU’s Institutional Research and Effectiveness in 2015, the average student at APSU is 25 years old.

Junior chemistry major Marcus Bey said, “Getting your education is an option. Most people don’t choose experiencing life, learning about themselves or finding things out. Society is geared towards getting a college degree.”

Today, obtaining a college degree seems necessary in order to be successful.

Whether they are spending time away from family or stepping away from their place of employment, nontraditional students are putting their lives on hold to pursue a higher level of education. It is truly remarkable to see a piece of art created in their honor.

Despite a few setbacks, including a shooting near campus in July, summer has been good to APSU. Freshman enrollment numbers are up and changes are continually happening on campus.

Hopefully as the school year progresses, only more good news is to come.