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Stop telling women to smile more

Men need to stop telling women to smile more. They are making us want to scream. “Smile, you are too pretty not to smile.” Women all over the world have heard this famous line, and all at once we sigh and roll our eyes in disgust. We have all been ...

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Celebrities should use their platform to speak out

In a society that is so heavily influenced by celebrities, it is essential that they speak up about issues now more than ever. Celebrities are role models. Along with fame and fortune, they are granted a huge platform to share their opinions on certain issues with their fans, and they ...

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Do not worry about resolutions; take care of yourself

“New year, new me,” right? It seems kind of unrealistic to expect much to change overnight, but that should not discourage us from wanting to work on ourselves. As the end of the year approaches, we start promising ourselves next year we will be different and we will be better. ...

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Online classes hit or miss for students compared to traditional, face-to-face classes

Online classes may provide a convenience for students that traditional classrooms just cannot match, but the quality of the learning experience is a completely different story. Taking an online class is a big commitment, and demands a great deal of self-motivation. Professor Jake Lowary, who teaches an online News Reporting ...

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Progress, experience: The case for Hillary Clinton

If you care about your future, vote for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump and Clinton may go down in history as the most unlikeable presidential candidates, but you have to admit Clinton is a lot less despicable. Someone who unveiled a U.N. resolution to combat sexual violence against women and children ...

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Suicide in men: a ‘silent epidemic’

Women have struggled against society’s expectations for years, but they are not the only ones. Men face a similar battle, and the consequences are more dangerous than you might think. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, men commit suicide three-and-a-half times more often than women. Suicide is the ...

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