This week, my blog is going to be a breakdown of Daredevil season 2. I will warn you beforehand that there will be some spoilers along the way but nothing that gives away secrets to the episode that are of great importance. Mainly it will be a list of characters and their importance in the new season.

Starting off with the main character himself, Charlie Cox, who plays Matt Murdock a.k.a Daredevil/Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, has come a long way since the first season of the show. In season two, we get to see how he performs in his new costumes that is infinitely more comic-like. He really takes on the persona of a Marvel vigilante. To be honest, I don’t read many comic books, so this is purely my perspective from the series. In the first season we see Matt really struggling with his double identity. He is constantly struggling with, “should I be this vigilante who is Hell’s Kitchen’s savior, should I kill people? Should I not kill people? Should I just stick to being a lawyer?” It really is rather messy in the first season. However, in this new season he has wholeheartedly taken on the role as Daredevil, and now knows he doesn’t want to be anything else. He comes to the conclusion that Matt Murdock and Daredevil aren’t two separate people – they are one. Other than his personality struggle, he is the same butt-kicking vigilante he was in season 1.

Second character introduced in this season is The Punisher, or Frank Castle, played by Jon Bernthal. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bernthal, he played Shane in The Walking Dead. He has also had several roles in big pictures such as The Wolf Of Wall Street and Fury. Let’s just say that Bernthal plays bad really well, and that doesn’t change in Daredevil. I am a huge fan of Bernthal, and when I found out he was playing The Punisher, I couldn’t have been happier with that casting. The Punisher originated from the comics in the Amazing Spiderman. He is a war veteran turned vigilante after a series of unfortunate events happened in his life (watch the show to find out what happened to him). Unlike Daredevil, The Punisher has no qualms about killing or being brutal, as well as a no- holds-barred attitude when it comes to the enemy. The great thing about this character is that you hate to love him, but you just do.


The third character introduced in this season is none other than Elektra Natchios, played by Elodie Young (thank the comic gods, it was not Jennifer Garner). For those who have seen what was a more atrocious adaptation of the 2003 Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, be happy that this Elektra is nothing like the last. As soon as her character entered the show, I knew automatically who she was. Elektra is a past love interest of Daredevil. The season does a very good job with describing her backstory in so few episodes. Most of the time, when characters are piled into a show one after the other it gets sloppy, but this season proved all that wrong.


Lastly, I want to talk about Wilson Fisk, even though I really don’t like his character. He appears in about 4 or 5 episodes this season and is still up to his no good schemes, this time it just happens to be in prison. Of course he is the force to be reckoned with. He is very good at playing the game, and he is just as good as accumulating followers. I don’t want to go too in-depth about his character development within this season because it would give information away that is important to the overall plot of the show.

Overall this season was excellent, and if you liked the first season you’ll love the second. To me this season had more fantasy in it. There are a lot more unrealistic aspects to it that make it seem more comic-like. It isn’t a man fighting typical bad guys; it’s a superhero vigilante fighting villains.