Displayed is one of many graffiti artists’ tags around Clarksville; more can be found downtown and even on the campus of Austin Peay State University. Photo by Isabella Morman

Unlike many other towns, Clarksville hides a secret. Hidden to those who don’t look for it, yet located around every corner, street, and light post in the city.

Clarksville has a rich amount of art and architecture, which also runs true for the graffiti around town.

This graffiti is located around many different parts of Clarksville.

From lower downtown parking meters, to any item it will adhere to. Many students have seen this graffiti and can’t seem to help but notice it.

“I think I see it everywhere; there’s nowhere in Clarksville I can go where I don’t see a Fish tag,” said Christian Chesser, sophomore liberal arts major.

However, with how many artists there are, the two most recurring downtown are Fish, who tends to use stickers, and Sikko, who works with graffiti.

These two will almost battle for space on doors and surfaces around Clarksville.

Some have mixed opinions on the art, with some thinking it’s wrong and some thinking it’s just artistic.

“I like it. I like people putting their work on display if that’s what they wanna do, makes the campus a little more lively,” said Kolby Tate, freshman criminal justice major.