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What cyberbullying has to do with Monica Lewinsky

Mimi Alford was 19 when she began her internship at the White House. She lost her virginity to John F. Kennedy just days after starting. Their affair continued for 18 months and is explicitly described in Alford’s memoir “Once Upon a Secret.” So why is Monica Lewinsky practically a celebrity and ...

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Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel visits Fort Campbell

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has been asked the question over and over again, “What does the military have to do with Ebola?” His response? “That’s a legitimate question.” Hagel spoke to members of the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell on Monday, Nov. 17. The soldiers in attendance had ...

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Quick Facts: Guns

Killing things for fun is popular here in the South, but when does the second amendment need to be expressed a little less? Is there a limit to the freedom, or should we be able to bear all the arms we want? I recently got into a marathon conversation that ...

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One giant leap for marijuana

Marijuana was legalized in Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia on Tuesday, Nov. 4, in the midterm elections. Florida, which also had pot on the ballot, did not get to the 60 percent needed for legalization. This event pretty much broke twitter for a hot minute. Weed-friendly tweeters were ...

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10 times Joe Biden stole my heart

  Oh yeah, we’re going here, Joey. 1. That wink, tho. Never mind that the president is giving a State of the Union address. You do you, boo, you do you. 2. This isn’t even real, but someone give that man a bass guitar and a frontman, because I’m ready ...

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You probably don’t have Ebola, so calm down

Oh, America, you’re so charming. Never mind the almost 4500 people who have died of Ebola in West Africa. No one gives a damn about them, but don’t bring it here, no way. Ebola hemorrhagic fever has recently found a home in the land of the free. One man died and ...

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