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10 times Joe Biden stole my heart



Oh yeah, we’re going here, Joey.

1. That wink, tho. Never mind that the president is giving a State of the Union address. You do you, boo, you do you.


2. This isn’t even real, but someone give that man a bass guitar and a frontman, because I’m ready to rock with the second in command.


3. Congratulations to this guy for fist pumping greatness. Knuckle up for safety, fellow Americans.


4. Young Joe Biden was really, really hot. Sexy and vice presidential? Bye Fitzgerald Grant, hello V.P. Biden, circa whenever this was.


5. I want to tell the joke that made this smile happen. This was also during the same State of the Union. See number 1.


6. “It’s Herbal Essences, thanks Brobama.”


7. It’s Mr. Steal-yo-girl.


8. He’s a baby person. Look at that excitement. Joe Biden, bringing joy to all of America’s children.


9. Let’s be honest, he probably has a swag switch.


10. He is shocked at how great this post was and will probably share it on Facebook.


Happy Thursday, friends.


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