Do you love to read? Do you want to gain more knowledge of how a library works? Are you in need of volunteer hours? Then volunteering at the Montgomery County Public Library is the thing to do. 

The Montgomery County Public Library offers many opportunities for college students to learn more about the library while gaining volunteer hours.  

The library offers many volunteer positions in different sections of the library. These include the main library, the children’s area, and helping with various programs. 

When volunteering in the main library, volunteers have many different tasks they can do. If they want to go around the entire library, they can look for books that patrons have put on hold and put them on the proper shelf.

If a volunteer is not interested in holds hunting but still wants to help in the main library, they can help by dusting shelves or organizing donations.  

Is the main library not your style? Try out the children’s area. The children’s area offers many activities for volunteers to get involved in such as crafts, Sunday movies, and craft prep. 

Every weekday the children’s area offers crafts after story times. Volunteers can help keep track of how many kids show up and can help instruct what the craft is. 

Interested in helping with crafts but do not want to instruct? Well, you can always help prepare crafts. The children’s area staff puts templates together and will assign you a craft to help prep for either the upcoming week or sometime in the future. 

If crafts are not your thing, then keeping count during Sunday movies might be a fun idea. Every Sunday, the children’s area shows a different movie where a volunteer can help keep track of how many people show up.  

One of the best ways to gain more hours is to help with programs. The library always has programs going on throughout the month. Most of these programs run one hour or longer. Volunteers can sign up to help keep count of people or get assigned a task to do to help the program. 

Even if none of the examples listed above seem appealing, there are still many opportunities for students at APSU to volunteer and gain more hours. You can talk to Taylor Maine, the volunteer instructor, or apply at 

For more information, you can visit the library website at or call (931) 648-8826.