When animals are our companions in life it is good to know there are places to go to keep them healthy, and those that are stray, to find a home to become a new ‘man’s best friend.’

The Clarksville Humane Society is the place to look for those kinds of resources here in Clarksville. It offers a variety of services and foster homes to strays that may be found.

“The mission of the Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery County is to reduce overpopulation and euthanasia by offering low cost, high quality spay-neuter services to all pet owners,” Amy Shaver, director of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Humane Society, said.

Sometimes the numbers of stray animals or lack of knowledge on how to keep our furry companions healthy is what causes problems.

“We work to promote responsible pet ownership and reduce the suffering of animals through educational and preventive programs,” Shaver said.

With an objective like promoting these causes, it is important to know how someone could be motivated to work to help animal life. The director shares her story about reasonings behind her career and how she has been helping underprivileged pets and families since 1998.

“My life in rescue began in my mid-20s after nearly hitting a Chow dog that was laying in the middle of the road. Someone had already hit him but never bothered to stop – they left him there to die,” Shaver said. “Sadly, his life did in fact end that night, but ironically enough, my life completely changed course.”

According to Shaver, the HSCMC is a privately chartered 501(c)(3) organization that has been serving in Clarksville since 1968. They are not affiliated nor funded by any other local agencies and gain all funds from fundraisers, grants and donations.

“I have always believed that dog was put in my path for a reason and the gaze we shared before his passing will be forever etched in my brain. Nearly 20 years later, my passion for this work is as strong as ever,” Shaver said.

There is an importance to the kind of work behind this organization to avoid shelters and to show where people can not only help each other, but furry friends as well.

“People often jump out of the woodwork to help other people but a much smaller percentage of the population is willing to do the same for an animal in need,” Shaver said. “I’ve always felt like this is where my time and passion were the most valuable,”

Often animals do not do well in shelters and HSCMC provides another way to keep animals out of harm’s way.

“Sheltering is very expensive and can also be emotionally and physically depleting for animals. They tend to thrive in foster homes, and we can learn so much more about their personalities when they are in a positive environment, which in turn helps us find great adoption matches,” Shaver said.

For more information on the HSCMC and services available for animals and pet owners, go to the clarksvillehumanesociety.org or check out their Facebook page.