This blog post this week is going to be a tad different than the others I have posted in the past. This post is going to be one that really touches home. A friend of mine, and a student here at APSU is in need of all of our prayers and if you are not the praying type, then at least send good vibes and love her way.

APSU Governor’s Own Marching Band recently made a post on their Facebook page on October 8th, 2015, about a fellow student, Nicole Witt. The post states, “A member of our GOMB family needs your thoughts, prayers, and support right now.

Nicole Witt is a Senior music education major on flute, a 4th year member of GOMB, and the section leader of GOMB’s Front Ensemble. Her chronic heart condition worsened this week and she has been flown to Cleveland where she is awaiting surgery on her aorta. Nicole is currently in great spirits in Cleveland, but we are all aware how serious her surgery will be this week. Please help us show Nicole how much she means to us. Share this image (photo is above), or post a picture of you with Nicole and use the hashtag ‪#‎ThisHeartWontQWitt and most importantly, keep her in your thoughts and prayers this week.”
Since that photo has been shared by the Governor’s Own, it has made its rounds all over social media. If you look on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people are changing their profile pictures and cover photo to the photo that is above. They are also sharing their own photos with Nicole and tagging it with the hashtag #ThisHeartWontQWitt.

An update has been given on her since the last post, “Please continue to think of GOMB student, Nicole Witt. Her doctors are going to wait until early next week for her surgery. She has LOVED hearing shout outs from everyone so please keep them coming!”

The Governor’s Own also did something pretty amazing at MSMI (Mid-South Marching Invitational), a competition they host. When they went out to perform, they hung her uniform jacket in front of her instrument in the front ensemble as a sign that they are always thinking about her.

As if the overwhelming support of the Governor’s Own and her family and friends weren’t enough, several staff members, professors, lovers of the Governor’s Own, and even the Austin Peay Dance Team showed their love and support for Nicole.

From my own personal opinion, I have got to say that seeing all the photos shared of Nicole or the ones that the Governor’s Own photographer, Allison Steinquest, took with the whole Governor’s Own is absolutely amazing. Not only is it a beautiful sight to see so much support for Nicole, but it is amazing to see how many people, in a needed time of prayer and good thoughts can band together and reassure Nicole that she will make it out of this.

So Nicole, if you are reading this or you just hear about this, know that you are loved. You are one of the sweetest, kindest, and most loving people that not only the Governor’s Own knows, but that Austin Peay knows. You have this personality that cannot be beat. You are always shining with positivity. You are strong and you will overcome this obstacle. It may be a huge hurdle that is in your way, but knowing the type of person you are, you will keep fighting. You will fight until you are healed and ready to come back.

And as a last statement to those of you who are reading this, whether you know Nicole Witt or not, please share the photos that are on the Governor’s Own Facebook and Instagram page (FB: APSU GOMB, INSTAGRAM: @apsugomb). Use the hashtag, “#ThisHeartwontQWitt.” It is something so small that shows huge encouragement for her in a time of need.