Everywhere you look, someone is either staring down at their phone, their tablet, or their laptop. They have many applications and pages open, scrolling, liking, commenting, and even reading. You are even doing it right now. The technology that we have is growing more and more everyday. The quality of pictures are getting better on our cellphones, sometimes even beating the quality of high definition cameras. Our computers are processing things faster. Technology is going to keep moving forward and at a fast rate and if we do not keep our minds and hands on it at all times, it will leave us behind.

Wait, why am I saying that we need to keep our heads in technology and not out of it? Various people, whether it be doctors or our parents, are saying that we should get our face out of our technology. They are telling us that we are missing what is going on around us and that we are not able to process the world from outside of our technology. The thing is, technology is our world. Much like our parents read newspapers, we rely on our phone that has our favorite news channel app on it to tell us the news. Our parents sometimes still write to our relatives or their friends and must wait at least two weeks for a response, but we have Facebook that can constantly keep us in touch with our friends and family whether they are right down the road or half way across the country.

Recently, there were a group of girls who were taking selfies and were on their phones during a baseball game and they were being ridiculed very harshly by the commentators at Fox News Sports. They were commenting on what they thought the girls were saying in their heads. While the girls were not paying that much attention to the game, that was only at that particular time. Who knows if they had been doing that for the entire game. While I do not condone the act of no human interaction, I really do not condone the act of making fun of these ladies.

APSU Junior, Tanquanae Blacknall,  posted the video of the ladies taking the selfies and commented, “I can understand why people are concerned about our generation’s growing dependency on technology. I will gladly admit, that I never leave my apartment without my mobile device, but it’s not just my generation. Mums, dads, grandparents are all getting tech savvy. We live in a world where almost everything is at the tip of our fingertips and we are just trying to keep up with it! Because if you don’t, society will quickly leave you behind. I’m not saying everyone should be void of physical human interaction (WallE), but new technology comes out every day all the time. We are still learning how take in all this information that is being thrown and shoved in our faces. And side note, every generation will have it’s vices. Every generation will have something that make people say ‘what’s wrong with kids today?'”

This rant was inspired by the video. The first comment I saw was, “I hate my generation.” Don’t hate it, just accept there are things that you like and don’t like. Do not chalk one little thing up to a group being terrible.”

To the ones that are saying that they hate our generation, why? Because a group of girls were on their cellphones? If that is why you hate this generation, trust me, there are other things to worry about than a group of girls on their cellphones. In this day and age, we have to be on our cellphones, tablets, or laptops or the world will leave us behind. Let’s be honest, we are the technology generation.