“The Genius of Mozart” was presented by the opera program and was directed by Virginia Lile Boaz.

“We have a wonderful group this year, and there was no negativity, we all worked together,” graduate vocal performance major Andrea Jones said.

All of the scenes and song intermissions were sung in foreign languages, and they presented the English words on a projector screen.

The scenes were from different works of Mozart, and they provided background settings, some history involved in the performance and a summary of the scene below.

“This was the best show I have done in a long time, everyone worked hard and in the end, it paid off,” Senior Vocal Performance major, DeWayne Johnson said.

This production was big enough that every person had a specific job including Supertitles (translated texts projected over an opera performance), Choreography,
Programs and Posters.

“Everyone was doing something, and everyone had a job,” Johnson said.

Everyone gelled together for the show.

“There was no negativity, no belittling. Everyone helped one another, and there was so much teamwork involved. Everyone built each other up with so much love,” Jones said.

The Opera Program is planning something big for spring, however, specific details have not been decided yet.

Still, they hope to see their spring programs will draw in viewers.

Auditions to be a part of the Opera Workshop Program are Dec. 4, 2018.