Downtown Shop Window Isabella Morman

Tissue boxes, ice cream, “it’s not you it’s me,” and the “I love you but this just isn’t working out…”text. We’ve all been there. Rock bottom. In the feels. Going through it. Whatever you want to call it.

Sometimes you just need a mood booster.

Here are the top breakup songs to let you experience all the feels and bring back some confidence too.

No. 1 Cardigan- Taylor Swift

As Taylor explains Cardigan is about a lost romance and why young love is so permanently within our memories. Breakups will always leave a mark and impact you no matter how you look at it. With Cardigan you can experience that feeling and reminisce on that lost love.

No. 2 It’s All Futile! It’s All Pointless! -Lovejoy

The song provides a story of a writer’s journey and them giving up their dreams and the feeling of hopelessness in love.

” It isn’t just a song about a relationship, it’s a song about the writer giving up on London. It’s a political statement while making an absolute banger of a piece of music, utilizing horns and guitars as a mix to make a more upbeat breakup song rather than a sad, piano-driven one. “, said Maegan Litchfield, a sophomore biology major.

No. 3 Young And Beautiful – Lana Del Ray

The song tells the story of a woman wondering if her lover will still love her even if she isn’t meeting the societal expectations expected of her: that she has to be young and continue to be a beauty or else she will lose her lover once and for all.

“I like this song because it makes you question if the relationship was really good for you. Would they love you in the future, or only at your best moments ?” said Kay Fuqua, a junior public relations major.

No. 4 The Knowing – The Weeknd

In the story of infidelity and lies the song opens up with the knowledge of his lover’s cheating only to later learn that he has cheated as well and feels no remorse. Religious undertones are repeated in the song as he is aware of his sins yet has no desire to “cleanse” himself.

“Simply how grand the song feels, not just in length but also the atmosphere it creates for the listener. Regardless of who broke up with who I believe either side of the coin can somehow insert themselves into the lyrics as well.,” said Lamar St. Laurent, a freshman mechatronics major.

No. 5 Goodbye – Prince

Known for his artistry with lyric work, Goodbye by Prince is sure to speak to your soul during a breakup. Setting the mood just right by truly putting you in the healing and reflecting stage.

” It spoke to me as someone who was in that situation; it just wasn’t going to work out, and Prince’s falsetto on the chorus “is this really goodbye?” The lines “is there truth when you make love to a lie,” really spoke to me,” said Andrew Orendorff, a freshman astrophysics major.

No. 6 Hey Moon- John Maus

A song with beautiful imagery and symbolism Hey Moon by John Maus explains the emptiness one is left with when the one you love is gone in a poetic manner.

“It’s an incredibly somber, introspective song that emphasizes how empty the world is when your other half has gone away., said Aaron Caballero a senior LDSP major.

No. 7 She’s so Gone- Naomi Scott

From the movie Lemonade Mouth, you may be thinking how can a Disney song help with a breakup? However, if you listen to the lyrics you are met with a total bop about growing into the person you always wanted to become.

So play some tunes, dance it off, and above all else know that you are worth it!