In the music and communications industry there are so many routes a student could take to seek a career after college, yet many express uncertainty over which path to take.

Jason Fitz, former fiddle player for The Band Perry and 102.5 “The Game” co-host, gave advice and answered questions on this topic at a Q&A session hosted by CMA EDU, in MUC 306 on Wednesday, March 29.

Having been a fiddle player for The Band Perry and going on many tours and attending concerts, as well as helping host shows, Fitz sets an example of how a communications/music field could be pursued.

“You have to figure out who you are in the creative field you want to go into. You need to carve out exactly who you are or you ruin your credibility. It’s important to show in demos what you stand for and what makes you, you,” Fitz said.

Fitz said it’s important to make connections and friends in the industry.

“Figure out who you love and who works for your industry, like music or sports. Start with asking simple questions and getting coffee with a possible connection. Making friends is fun and beneficial,” Fitz said. “The most important thing you can put out there is your demo and to not be sorry for anything on it. Sell it for how it shows you as a person.”

Making connections is an aspect that ties in with the host of this event and CMA EDU. It is an organization dedicated mostly to music, volunteer work and networking.

“We work with CMA in Nashville, with the Country Music Association,” senior graduate public relations major and CMA EDU president Kalan Alder said. “Our main goal for students on campus is to provide things to get involved in, so we provide Q&A’s like having a professional like Jason come in here and talk about his career.”

This event provided an example of a professional’s perspective in the music and communication industries to teach students.

“I thought it was very interesting to hear him talk about transitioning from being in a band to going on the radio and how much work is really put into being a musician. You don’t always hear about that part of the field,” junior communications major and dance team member Macy Mayfield said.

CMA EDU will host more events like this Q&A open to all students, who can learn from professional guests like Fitz.

With new information on creating connections and following who they are in the industry, a student could find new ways to start their career or branch out more.

“He made me think it might be cool to go into commercial radio stuff that I never really thought about before. It’d be interesting to go into PR and work for a radio station,” Mayfield said.