Dear Tailor,

I was wondering what a cover letter is. I was told to have both a cover letter and resume for the job I am applying for, but I do not see the difference between the two. Could you differentiate between the two and explain how I can go about making a cover letter? Thank you!



Dear Lost,

This is a very common question. A cover letter is not the same thing as a resume. While a resume lists your accomplishments and experience, a cover letter tells the interviewer why you should be hired. This is where they see that you are passionate about this field because of past experiences and qualifications. Your cover letter should only be submitted, when requested by the employer.

Your cover letter should include examples that show your passion. As an example, If you are applying to work in the public relations field, how does the position you are applying for further your love for public relations? How did it provide you with additional skills and knowledge of the field? Show how you are qualified!

Your opening paragraph should include the position you are applying for and how did you hear about the position. Employers want to know how their marketing dollars are being spent.

Your body paragraph is where you will discuss your experience and list examples. If needed, this can be broken up into two paragraphs. Describe your qualifications.

The closing paragraph is fairly simple. Remember to thank the employer for this opportunity and their time. Include your contact information, phone number and email address, should they require any additional information or to schedule an interview. Make sure to sign your name above where it is printed.

For an example of a cover letter, visit our website and go to the Resume and Cover Letter Help section under Career Resources.

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