For Thanksgiving, some people have travel plans. For some people, there is the intention of seeing the good ole family. For others, there is an obligation to watch dog shows and football games, but one thing for sure is that what all of these people have in common is meal plans.

One way or another, some will oblige themselves to ransack the food pantry for green beans, mashed potatoes, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, pumpkin pie, and more, accumulating in a well-made homecooked meal. Then, there will be those who go to Golden Corral.

In accordance with Thanksgiving tradition, many Govs will be driving home to celebrate the holidays with the family. Others will be flying out, but some will not be going anywhere at all. Some Govs spend Thanksgiving on campus, alone.

In the past, the SOS Food Pantry has provided students with boxed items to create a nice Thanksgiving meal, supplying them with groceries to achieve this without the burdensome cost.

This year, due to the pandemic and for those remaining on-campus, the SOS Food Pantry is now offering those students a to-go option in addition.

“Students have had a tough semester with all the changes, limitations, and isolation due to the pandemic, so we wanted to offer those students who were having to stay on campus a little seasonal cheer,” Alexandra Wills, director of Center for Service-Learning and Community Engagement, said.

The takeout meals will be supplied by Cracker Barrel and will consist of turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and pie.

In order to obtain a Thanksgiving meal, a designated time and place will be registered for the student to go and pick up their dinner.

Only students who are on-campus residents and who are remaining on-campus during Thanks-giving break are eligible to receive such a meal. A sign-up email has been sent out to residential students who intend to remain on campus to register for the meal.

However, if you wish to move a little bit closer to the “do-it-yourself” approach, the Thanksgiving boxes is still an option.

“Thanksgiving boxes are for students who need help putting together a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Those boxes contain a turkey and most of the traditional groceries for making a festive meal. These boxes are helpful if you live off-campus and have a fully stocked kitchen to prepare the meal,” Wells said.

Thus far, ten people have signed up for the to-go option and 35 students have requested Thanksgiving boxes.

Considering the fact that there will no longer be any in-classroom sessions after Thanksgiving break, this is just one last way APSU has to help its students for the remainder of the Fall semester.

Happy Thanksgiving!