Dear Tailor,

My professor has been mentioning how I should get an internship before I graduate college. I’m not really sure what an internship is or how to go about getting one. Can you explain that to me, please? 



Dear Confused,

Internships are a great way to gain experience in a certain field you may be interested in. There are internships in pretty much all career fields. An internship can help you identify if the job is right for you. Being able to have hands-on experience with a certain field or occupation may change your mind or give you ideas for what else you could pursue related to your career.

Internships look great on resumes! An employer does not simply want to see that someone graduated with a degree. They want to know that the person they could be hiring is capable of performing well at their job. With an internship, an employer can see the potential employee and understand how they perform certain tasks and interact with others.

Some internships are paid while others are not, but remember it’s not about the money…it’s about the experience!

To find internships at APSU or in the surrounding areas, sign up for Jobs4Govs. Jobs4Govs is an online career management system that lists job opportunities at various businesses in the local, regional, and national level. Jobs4Govs is free to you as a student and register at

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Tailor Y. Career