The Student Government Association (SGA) had a busy week hosting various events. During Executive Council (EC) reports, Secretary Hailee Crawford thanked the Senate for their efforts with the Blood Drive, AP Day and Enrollment Day. The Senate later discussed Resolution 19 and Senator Ana C. Pla Rosario presented Act 3.

In continuation of EC reports, Chief Justice Ashlyn Whittaker prompted Senators to attend the Upstander training hosted by Director of Student Conduct/ Case Management, Jo Baldwin.

President Courtney Covington reported an updated quote of $33,000 for library security cameras. The price was shared by Library Director Joe Weber, who had previously spoken to the Senate about the project. Fortunately, the updated quote is lower than the initial cost and SGA will vote on the venture next meeting, Wednesday, Feb. 20.

Vice President Trenton Delane announced that there are 2 Graduate and 1 Senior Senate seats still available. He asked the Senate to please encourage their friends to join.

After completing EC Reports and having no Committee reports to discuss, the Senate moved on with Old Business. This comprised of Resolution 19 which proposed SGA to bestow a one-time gift of $1,500 to the S.O.S. Food Pantry.

Several senators commented that the legislation was vague and Secretary Crawford pointed out that the resolution did not fit the scope of its title. Senator William Cody, who authored the legislation, tabled it for editing.

Following Old Business came New Business; Senator Pla Rosario read Act 3 in its entirety to the Senate. The Act called for an amendment of Article XIII of the Student Government Association By-Laws. Act 3 demonstrated the importance of transparency surrounding any updated financial resources of SGA.

Dean of Students, Greg Singleton then introduced the Distinguished Professor Award and explained that SGA has the opportunity to nominate a tenured faculty member. Dean Singleton outlined the rules and distributed a form listing the candidates. The SGA nominee will be voted on next meeting.

The meeting concluded with Announcements and President Covington reminded members to register their organizations for the Big Event. Dean Singleton mentioned that elections will be the first week of April. Applications for EC positions and Senate positions will soon be available as well.

Meeting adjourned at 5:22 p.m.