Sen. Rebecca Jacks introduced Act No. 16, which would mandate uniforms for all SGA members, during the SGA meeting on Wednesday, March 29.

Uniforms would include SGA-issued black polos and khakis. The act also specifies the color of belt required. The bill was introduced with immediate request for retraction from Sen. Dominic Critchlow.

“I am not in support of this. It should not be up here. I highly recommend that we scrap this and move on,” Critchlow said.

Jacks expanded on the main idea behind the legislation, which is to bring consistency and professionalism to what is worn in the senate.

“It will also be cost effective,” Jacks said, “because one of my things is that no one should be barred from student government based on cost or need.”

Act No. 16 will be voted on during the next SGA meeting.

Sen. Haley Palmeri introduced her legislation, Act No. 15, which would require SGA meeting minutes to once again be recorded on physical paper with printed agendas for each individual SGA member. Currently, minutes are emailed to senators post-meeting to conserve paper.

President Ryan Honea said a total of 480 individuals took part in The Big Event, resulting in approximately 960 community service hours.

“I am very proud of how this event did,” Honea said.

Honea also said the bills voted on regarding firearms in the Tennessee state legislature have been deferred into obscurity.

Honea said while Tennessee Sen. Mark Green’s constitutional carry bill is not dead, Gov. Bill Haslam intends to veto the bill should it pass the Tennessee Senate and House.

SGA meets every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in MUC 307.