On Monday, Oct. 7 and Tuesday, Oct. 8, the Fall Grad Finale was held in the MUC Ballroom on campus. Students planning on graduating in December 2013 attended to pay for and pick up their caps and gowns and get any information necessary to graduate.

The Office of Enrollment Management and Academic Support plans the event two years in advance. Then they have meetings six weeks prior and set up tables from different departments where they provided relevant information.

“The event is for those that are graduating,” said Lois Briones, administrative assistant in the Office of Enrollment Management. “It gives students the opportunity to have everything done in one room. [There is] Jostens, Neebo, the College of Business, Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs, Senior Exit Exam, US Bank, and Student Publications.”

Brittany Lane, a senior psychology major, said she appreciated going to only one place to complete all the steps to graduate.

“It was confusing trying to figure out what tables I needed to go to,” Lane said. “The long lines gave it away though.”

Faith Johnson, a senior communications major, said she found completing classes and getting substitutions has been the hardest part of her last year.

” While I was thankful one of the last classes I needed was added at the last minute,” Johnson said, “It meant that I had to rework my schedule. Everything has worked out, it just took a bit to get there. Other than that, this last semester turned into a five day a week semester and I am a commuter student. That’s a little rough.”

Johnson said she is undecided about her plans for after graduation.

“I am looking into the Masters Studies program here at APSU and I am also looking at the job market,” Johnson said. “Just depends what bites harder I guess.”