As I return for the second year on the staff as a blogger, I am going to make a brief introduction, especially for new students and readers. Currently, I am a junior physics major and this is my second year on the staff. I recently returned from the summer internship in Boulder, Colorado a few weeks ago and it inspired new ideas for this year’s articles. I started out doing the forecasts, but I changed my approach to commentaries on weather-related topics. I would continue taking on these topics with a new approach this year, and I wanted to start seeking opinions and inputs from other students and faculties on different subjects, such as severe weather drills, acclimatization to Clarksville’s climate,  internships in meteorology and weather’s impacts on sports.

My hope for this year is that PeayWeather would be better than it was early last year. Although I am a trained storm spotter, I intend to review storm spotting class offered by National Weather Service and stay involved with storm spotting. Perhaps, I could do reviews on weather apps and weather-related disaster films for fun. I also plan on making a few informative articles on typical weather in Clarksville/ Fort Campbell especially for those unfamiliar with typical Tennessee weather. On top of that, I’ll add a few historical articles and those based on trending events or controversies I see on media.

I have been growing up as a weather geek, and I developed passions for severe weather and tropical cyclones. For my future plans, I consider going to graduate school and earn a master and Ph.D. before going into a research career. I thought about going into the Naval Research Laboratory, NOAA and National Center for Atmospheric Research for my future career.