“APSU’s seventh annual spring dance concert was a quality performance received by appreciative audiences,” said Margaret Rennerfeldt, assistant professor of dance and this year’s concert director. Annually, the spring concert is the highlight showcase of APSU’s dance minor program, according to Rennerfeldt.


Running from Wednesday, Feb. 27, to Saturday, March 2, this year’s spring dance featured choreography from faculty and select students, as well as the first ballet to be performed at one of the spring concerts.

Rennerfeldt has only been with APSU for two years, but said she feels secure in the opinion that the caliber of the students’ performances is especially high this year.

Associate professor of dance and former spring dance concert director Marcus Hayes, said that originally, the spring concert accepted all interested participants, but it has recently changed into a highly quality-driven performance.

Rennerfeldt said only the most committed of students, as chosen by experts in the dance minor program, are given the chance to perform. The same is true for students selected to display their own choreography, as this is a privilege unavailable in some universities.


“As a choreographer, I remember when that dance was a single page of scribbles in a brainstorming notebook,” said sophomore Maggie Jackson of her piece “Later.” “Seeing it fully-fledged onstage with that in mind was breathtaking.” The styles of performance ranged from a Pas de Deux ballet piece featuring Qian Andring and William Ladd to a modern solo performance choreographed and performed by Rafael Tillery, and everything in between.

Attendance for the concert included friends, family and fellow students, among other community members. For those with that same appreciation Rennerfeldt encourages you to come down to watch the next live dance concert. “Anybody who comes to see a live dance knows it is not the same as watching one on video or TV,” said Rennerfeldt.