Aw, Monday!

Ugh! It’s Monday! At least a lot of you had a well-deserved weekend! Perhaps we deserve a Monday-sized iced coffee because it will be nice and warm instead of hot and steamy. By Wednesday, things will be heating up, and we would be sweating in buckets!

(NWS Nashville)

Today- Mostly cloudy with patchy fog in the morning, partly sunny in the afternoon, Hi- 75

Tonight- Mostly cloudy, Lo- 57

Tuesday- Mostly cloudy, Hi- 78

Tuesday night- Mostly cloudy, Lo- 63

Wednesday- Mostly cloudy, 20% chance of shower and thunderstorm, Hi- 79

Wednesday night-Mostly cloudy, Lo- 66

Thursday- Partly sunny, Hi- 88

Thursday night- Partly cloudy, Lo- 68

Friday (we’re waiting for it!)- Mostly sunny, Hi- 88

Friday night- Partly cloudy, Lo- 69

Saturday- Mostly sunny, Hi- 89

Saturday night- Mostly clear, Lo- 67

Sunday- Sunny, Hi- 87

Weather in the News

Florence’s Coming! Got Spray Paint?

Some of the folks who are having an worse Monday are those in East Coasts, especially the Carolinas and Georgia because Hurricane Florence is aiming for these states. Therefore, they have only a few days to prepare and evacuate before Florence delivers a massive punch.  Florence will not affect Clarksville much weather-wise unless it changes. However, that’s days to at least a week away so we don’t know yet. The most likely scenario for Clarksville is just a very small impact. Yet, some of you might have families and friends who would might be affected by the tropical menace, and you might want to keep in touch with them.

As for the latest update from National Hurricane Center, Florence is nearing major hurricane status with sustained winds of 105 mph. Thus, that means the hurricane is forecast to make a landfall as a major hurricane (Cat 3+) at some portion of three states. Florence becoming Category 5 is a possibility. Those states have already declared the state of emergency. In the meantime, all the people can do is just board up, stock up on food, or evacuate. Honestly, I am waiting to see the pictures of plywood covered in spray paint *cough* because it’s a hurricane season classic! *cough* I am also expecting to see  plenty of memes about Florence, and there are a few already on the Internet.

Hurricane Party!

However, Florence is not the only one involved in the hurricane fest. The others include

  • Isaac (East Atlantic)
  • Helene (East Atlantic)
  • Olivia (East Pacific)
  • Typhoon Mangkhut (West Pacific)

alongside with a couple of disturbances in the Atlantic and remnants of Gordon pouring rain over the Ohio Valley and Northeast.

That gives a new meaning to a hurricane party.

A Penny for Thought

One aspect of hurricane preparation that annoys the living soul out of me the most is people sharing exaggerated computer model gibberish and claiming that they are real forecasts. That also applies for other types of weather scenarios, but right now, the main event is the coming of Hurricane Florence. If someone shares possibly exaggerated forecasts with you, verify whether if that is true or just plain baloney because when it’s shared, it potentially could distract someone from critical hurricane preparations.  One way to check whether the forecast is hogwash, you could compare it to the National Weather Service, The Weather Channel, or local news outlets. If that’s a total sham, just don’t share that garbage on the social media!

My advice is be smart and don’t let trolls and lamebrains bother those people who have important things to do, such as stockpiling food, nailing plywood to windows, spray painting “GO AWAY, FLORENCE!” with some colorful words perhaps, and (in some cases) evacuate! For all of the folks who are going to experience the wrath of Florence, I am really serious. No joke. I am sick of the shenanigans those boneheads are pulling that could pull people away from important, life-saving forecasts!


Welcome to the Internet. I guess I am feeling the effects of Monday blues like most of you would probably do, but just be wise online. We all want them to make it out alive!


Final Statements

All of the information above are from the National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center, and The Weather Channel

I am a trained NWS storm spotter, and this blog is meant to be informative of the weather for the next few days. It is also meant to have light humor for some commentary on the weather of the day. Also, “A Penny for Thought” reflects my opinions supported by facts on some of issues related to weather.