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PeayWeather: 9/21 Update

Forecast Update There is a big change to our weather patterns, and the trend is becoming cooler and rainier. Also, there’s an increased possibility of seeing thunderstorms in next few days. Today (TGIF!)- Mostly sunny, 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms, Hi- 90 Tonight- Mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms likely ...

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PeayWeather: The Reality of Fall

‍Forecast Just a couple of days until the first day of fall! I have an announcement for later next week to a couple of weeks… a nice break from blistering summer-like heat. Climate Prediction Center hinted a period of cooler temperatures during that time in the latest update. Sounds nice?! ...

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PeayWeather: 9/18 Update

Forecast Update 9/18 The overall trend is another hot week a with slight cool down during weekend with possibly thunderstorms as package deals. The Climate Prediction Center continues to indicate that the temperature will remain above average next week… so… I guess we would wait even longer for crisp fall ...

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PeayWeather: Monday Blues

Monday Blues Forecast I hope everybody had a good weekend! Overall, the forecast indicates that this week will be hot and dry with small chances for pop up showers and thunderstorms. The first day of fall is this Saturday. What a great way to start fall. Thus, please stay hydrated ...

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PeayWeather: Update 9/14

Forecast Update TGIF! It’s Friday again! Now, we’re heading into the second half of September, and 8 days til first day of fall! However, the overall trend remains hot and dry. Therefore, it will be a while before we get to see sweater weather. Also, Florence, which made a landfall ...

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PeayWeather: Update 9/12

Forecast Update Happy Hump Day! Happier than a camel on Wednesday, are you? Overall, there is a continued warming trend toward this weekend, and it will remain a bit hot and dry early next week. The forecast trends with currently Category 4 Hurricane Florence showed some changes, and Florence is ...

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