The cats get a lot of love—on campus and at the airport.

The Clarksville Regional Airport was full of cats, dogs, food, games and bouncy houses. The event, Wags and Wings, was hosted by the Clarksville-Montgomery County Humane Society. This is the third annual event. APSU’s Paws to Care had its own booth with plenty of volunteers and food. Cupcakes, cookies, brownies and some gluten-free options were made by different volunteers to sell at the event.

“The Humane Society invited us because we partner with them. They provide low costs spays, neuters, vaccinations and testing for the campus cats. If they are not available, we also partner with Cats on Commerce. They are an excellent veterinarian on Commerce street that only works with cats and bunnies,” volunteer Tina Reid said.

The cats have become a staple on APSU’s campus. “We support the campus kitties. If you guys see cats on campus, that’s us doing that work. If we can adopt the cats and the kittens out, that’s what we try to do. We’ve got five for adoption right now,” volunteer Corina Ravenscraft said.

The booth was decorated by the many volunteers who participated in the event. Reid made it a family affair with her sister Robin Reid and childhood friend Nancy Seay who is like a sister to them.

“Tina inspired me to go vegan. I educated myself on the animals and what I was putting in my stomach. Now I have my very own feral cat colony. It’s up to nine,” Seay said. Seay also offered to sell an old purse and wine glasses to raise funds for Paws to Care. She created her own artwork to sell. “Would you like a cookie?” Reid’s sister Robin asked when she paid for a cookie on behalf of a little girl who stopped by the booth with her mother.

Student volunteers were handy at the event as well. Non-traditional freshman, Lauren LeGrande offered some ways students can volunteer to help the cats. “All you have to do is reach out to your local animal organizations. You could also reach out to Paws to Care or the pre-vet club.”

“We have to get the word out,” Reid said. Money made during the event goes to benefit Paws to Care.

For more information on Paws to Care visit their APSU website.

There are currently five cats up for adoption right now.

For more information on the cats up for adoption, visit Paws to Care’s Facebook page.

For more information on how to donate, get involved, or help with the cats on campus, contact Tina Reid at or 931-221-7285, or Corina Ravenscraft at or 931-221-7193.