Life is stressful, especially when you are going to college, working outside of classes, and expecting to have a social life; meanwhile trying to gain 8 hours of sleep and eating home cooked meals so you can avoid the freshmen 15. When you’re going to college, it’s easy to give yourself a life plan; one where you plan out the biggest moments of your life, and in your mind, all of this is justified.

You want to get your degree by 22, married by 23, have kids by 25 and have a secure job in your career field. You spend your life planning out these milestones while you find yourself missing the biggest events of the present. You spend your days studying for that test and working to save money for an apartment. Because of this, you miss out on small things, like that cute guy in a coffee shop or a concert of your favorite band.

It’s a great idea to plan out your future and it’s something everyone should take the time to work on. But planning your future means looking at a budget to help you reach a goal or to set time out to write a resume. It does not mean for you to obsess over all the small things in your life.

It’s one thing to live in the moment; it’s another to be present in the moment. This means for you to put your phone down and not to Instagram your dinner. It means to laugh in fancy restaurants and to dance in the Walmart isles.

Your life does not need to perfect to be wonderful. You need to surround yourself with people that love you. You are young; it’s time for you spend this time being you and being present in your own life. Date that guy, go to that coffee shop, and stop trying to be something you aren’t.