With working full-time, being a full-time a student, and having social life, at times it’s hard to understand that you need some things for yourself. It’ss easy to spread yourself thin and hard to understand when you’re doing it. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, OCD, or nothing at all, you need to be sure you are setting time aside to perform some self-care in order to keep yourself happy and healthy.

Self-care will look different for everyone. It could mean taking 30 minutes a day to go run, or to soak it up in a bubble bath with candles lit around you. No matter what it looks like, make sure you take that time. No matter how busy you think you are, there’s always 10 minutes a day which you can spend on yourself.

There are some things about self-care that no one understands; it’s not always beautiful or lovely to perform a task to make yourself happy or healthy. Sometimes self-care means taking time out your day to make a budget for the month so you can save up for an apartment or a new car. It might be doing laundry because you are tired of wearing leggings and your left-over clothing. Self- care means doing things that make you a better person and takes stress off your shoulders.

This is college, not prison, so make sure you are taking time for yourself. Remember that you are young, and that life is not supposed to be hard. If you’rere stressed, take a day off from work and complete that homework that’s been piling up. If you’re struggling, let someone help you.

You are not alone in anything you do.