The involvement fair promoted various organizations, departments and club opportunities on APSU’s campus. The fair had a variety of boards and tables for different areas of campus. Numerous students crowded the area, observing and interacting with the individual arrangements.

One of the organizations present at the involvement fair was the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA). Can Mendoza is the co-president and has been affiliated with FMLA since her freshman year at APSU.

“FMLA promotes awareness about equality not just for women but for all genders and sexualities,” said Mendoza. “We also raise awareness about sexual assault and violence. FMLA is affiliated with the Women and Gender Studies’ department. FMLA hosts the Take Back The Night and the Clothesline Project as well as other events that are in the works right now.”

Another club present at the involvement fair was the Asian Studies Club. Anna Slater promoted the club while handing out free pens to those who passed by.

“Asian Studies Club is basically a club where we get together,” said Slater. “We talk about culture, diversity and all about the different areas of study that we have on campus. We offer studies regarding Japan, India, Korea and China. During the summer, we actually have a Study Abroad program.”

The Asian Studies Club will be hosting events later in the fall. APSU Ghost will take place on October 27, and there will also be a Japan Festival in Memphis that will feature origami, Japanese yo-yos and kimonos.

“Everyone’s welcome to join,” said Slater. “They can come to any meeting if they want to. Even if they don’t come to the meetings, they are welcome to any time during the semester.”

Boyd Health Services had a poster board present during the involvement fair. The board was a Jeopardy-themed Health Trivia game that tested students’ knowledge about good physical and mental health. Karen Perry has worked with Boyd Health Services for two years and was the one overseeing her table.

“I’ve seen about 60 students,” said Perry. “And I would say probably about 50 of them got the answers right.”

Boyd Health Services provides a clinic for students who are in need of services such as treatment for sicknesses, allergy treatment, STD testing and birth control. Boyd Health Services also provides access to counseling services for those on campus who have mental health problems.

“They know we exist, but they don’t know what services we offer,” said Perry. “I would tell them to stop in because we are a walk-in clinic that can make an appointment, and if we can’t help you, we can direct you to someone who can.”