Graphic by Destiny James | THE ALL STATE

Over the last 10 years, fashion trends have begun to cycle out faster than ever before. This is in part due to the transition of consumer habits but can be primarily attributed to the swift rise of social media. The trends that were introduced in 2023 will die out within the next year.

The 20-year fashion cycle is a theory that states fashion trends will come back every 20 years. Styles that were popular once will be popular again in a given time. We have seen this happen in the past few years with the comeback of 80s chunky sneakers, 90s denim and early 2000s tracksuits.

I predict that during 2024 fashion styles from the 2010s will emerge again. Low-rise jeans and athleisure were already seen coming back toward the latter months of last year.

I think the chunky statement necklaces and chokers that were popular in 2015 will reappear. Traces of this have been seen recently with the rise of the DIY charm necklace trend on TikTok. Wearing a dress over jeans has always been controversial but I foresee this coming back in 2024 too.

Bows in hairstyles have been everywhere since December of 2023. I predict this trend will not only stay around during 2024 but transform itself into clothing. Bow accents have already been seen in releases from high-end brands like Mestiza New York and Miu Miu.

Hyperfeminine styles will also continue to rise throughout the year. We first saw this style resurface with the release of the Barbie film and I believe it is here to stay and grow in 2024. I think satin will play a role in styling this year too.

As we approach summer, I think that hints of animal print will become popular once again. We have seen more pops of color, as red was spotted across fashion week in 2023. 2024 will bring in other trending colors too like royal blue or lilac purple.

Throughout the progression of the year, I predict a step away from the quiet luxury style that has been in trend as of late. I see more of a classic preppy style entering the spotlight. I hope to see plaid, pleated skirts and collars to channel a Clueless or Gossip Girl aesthetic. Ballet flats have already started to make their reappearance.

Because of the swift nature of changing styles, I believe we’ll see a rise in thrift shopping. Shopping sustainably has been in trend recently, which I do not see leaving anytime soon. Timeless and vintage jewelry will trend in 2024, which can be found in thrift stores as well.

2024 is the year to wear what we want to wear. Trends cycle and style changes but expressing oneself through fashion can be a fun way to spice up college life. What upcoming trends will you be trying out?