Saturday, Nov. 16, after APSU’s last football game of the season, players and fans left the stadium to witness the first step of demolition of Governors Stadium. While the players walked off the field, the band marched onto the field and to play as the ceremony was being set up.

The demolition ceremony celebrated the old stadium and began the process towards the new stadium. APSU President Tim Hall and construction workers were present for the ceremony.

Bill Persinger, the executive director of Public Relations and Marketing, said APSU was well-overdue for a new stadium and, as an important facility on campus, improvements need to be made.

Recent APSU graduate Phillip Sparn arrived to celebrate and performed the first swing of the sledgehammer. Sparn studied corporate communications at APSU and currently serves as a sports reporter for ESPN Clarksville.

According to Assistant Director of Communications Charles Booth the real demolition is to begin on the north end of the stadium near the tennis center.

The demolition and the construction process will affect parking for students. Summer Street, between the Foy parking lot and the stadium, will close permanently.

Rebecca Nanney, a senior and communications major at APSU said, “We are already seeing the side effects of the new stadium,” and parking may not get better for students.

Melissa Lomax, a communications major, said she appreciated the chance for students to be involved in the demolition.

“APSU students had a chance to be a part of the process, making it personal and I appreciate being a part of the stadium reconstruction,” Lomax said. “This stadium represents a new generation of students, which will allow continued growth at APSU.”