>>By Amber McWhorter, Guest Writer

APSU hosted the first Govs Connection Internship and Networking Fair on Wednesday Feb. 25, from 1 to 4 p.m. in the MUC Ballroom. It was coordinated by the APSU Alumni Affairs and Career Services and partially funded through the university’s E^3 Initiative.

Many students were excited about networking with future employers in their own community. There were opportunities for every major and department at APSU, from communications to psychology.

Rylan Kean, special events coordinator with APSU Alumni Affairs, said they were expecting 48 businesses, including Enterprise, Trane and Kroger. They were also expecting around 200 students.

Amanda Walker, director of Student Affairs, said the board decided to collaborate and host a large event rather than the smaller events hosted by each department. Ultimately, 49 businesses and 214 students attended the event.

This event allowed students to interact and connect with representatives from local companies and expand their knowledge of the internships and opportunities available to them while being supported by the community. “We worked on increasing professional dress,” Walker said.

The event allowed students to become more prepared for internship interviews by learning how to dress, how to speak with the representatives for each company and what to expect during their internships.

“I was looking for something towards corporate, management, or PR,” Whitney Davis, a junior broadcast media major said. “Anything to broaden my studies in broadcast media.”

Rashael Nelson, a freshman English major, said she was looking for “something in marketing. I’m interested in SacerandSavive and No Egrets.”

Walker thanked the Alumni Association, Career Services, staff and students for participating in the event and making it a success. Walker also thanked Enterprise, who sponsored the event alongside APSU.