The Govs and their fans are all too familiar with the bad luck that has been reigning since 1979, the last time the Govs would win against the JSU Gamecocks. At the time, the Govs did not know that it would be the last win against JSU for nearly 40 years. To everyone’s surprise, the remarkable happened on Saturday, Sept. 28 at Fortera stadium.

The Govs finally ended a 12-game losing streak against the Gamecocks.

With starting quarterback Jeremiah Oatsvall not there, JaVaughn Craig used this game to show that he can lead the team to a victory with two touchdowns, 220 passing yards and completing 15 out of 21 of his passes during this game. On top of that, Kentel Willams with his superior footwork ran for 175 yards and completed two touchdowns himself as well.

APSU in the first half completely destroyed JSU. With Kordell Johnson catching an interception, it led the Govs to a field goal kick which earned them three points.

With JSU only getting 30 yards total on their run, APSU’s defense made JSU turnover the ball. Craig threw a complete pass to DeAngelo Wilson for a 72-yard touchdown, ending a 2-play drive.

JSU thought there was a glimmer of hope when they scored their first touchdown within the first eight plays. Fortunately, it would be JSU’s first and last touchdown during the entire first half. The Govs stepped in and ran up the score, leaving JSU in the dust.

Willams, Craig and the entire offensive line put a beating down on JSU throughout the second quarter. With Williams and Craig driving the ball down the field, they secured yet another several touchdowns for the Govs leaving the score at 31-7, Govs at halftime.

JSU Quarterback, Zerrick Cooper, who attempts to catch up, throws an interception with only 6:42 left on the clock to Kordell Johnson, gaining 42 yards for the Govs. With only 2:46 on the board, JSU threw another interception to Johnathon Edwards and returning the ball for 27 yards.

The Govs came out swinging at the beginning of the third quarter. With Williams running for 55 yards, Craig was able to run the last 4 yards for yet another Governor touchdown.

The Govs continued to score, gaining another touchdown that should have officially olibriated JSU out of the game, but APSU lessened their grip and JSU scored a touchdown near the end of the third quarter.

With the start of the fourth quarter, APSU began to slip and let JSU score again making the score 45-27, APSU.

Just when everyone thought the Govs were losing their power, APSU scored a fumble return touchdown with 3:45 left on the clock, essentially sealing the deal, with JSU only scoring one more touchdown. Final score, 52-33, with Governors taking the win.

Although APSU encountered trying times in the fourth quarter, the Govs fought their way through the JSU curse and ultimately made OVC history. Govs record 3-2,1-0 in the conference. Next, the Govs will take on Southeast Missouri on Saturday, Oct. 12 at 2 p.m. at Fortera Stadium.