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Courtney McCormick is a junior communication major, minoring in professional writing and journalism. She refers to herself as a pug mom and a comedic realist.

Potholes continue to spook drivers

The weather is changing which brings us into the pothole formation season. Rain, sleet and snow frequently wash out areas of roads and poses threats to drivers. The stress of cars across the pavement loosens the cement, causing it to crack and crumble. Damages to vehicles can include blown tires, ...

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Students of Austin Peay – Kayeo Catches

“I am a trans guy and I have been hormonally transitioning for about two years and a month, but I have been out in the community for about three years. In that time, I have had a pretty good coming out process… it has been well received for the most ...

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Baby Boomers v. Millennials

The older generation has been at the younger generation’s throat for centuries. Older generations have always viewed the younger as inexperienced and clueless; some would even go as far as stating that the younger generation is just down right ignorant. The attitudes have not changed, the actions have. Baby boomers, ...

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The Ridicule of Serena Williams

During the US Open final against Naomi Osaka, tennis player Serena Williams was fined and docked points for her reaction of the referee’s calls. Williams received code violations for breaking her racquet and penalties for calling the umpire a “thief”.  Williams was ultimately slapped with a fine of $17,000. This ...

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Students of Austin Peay – Randi Allen

The Students of Austin Peay blog gives students on campus a chance to discuss anything, including social and political issues. “India just now, I think this week, decriminalized gay sex. Which is great, and I am really excited for India… but it’s just really frustrating that it is just now ...

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Not Her Fault

The bishop of a church that officiated Aretha Franklin’s funeral service on Aug. 31 allegedly groped Ariana Grande during her performance of “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” The internet rushed to give their opinion of the situation. The comment sections imploded with people blaming Grande for wearing ...

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