Stars from Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N Out” came at 7 p.m on Thursday, Feb. 2 to APSU’s Clement Auditorium for a comedy show. The Govs Programming Council (GPC) hosted the show, and it consisted of two “Wild ‘N Out” comedians, Chico Bean and Jacob Williams, taking half an hour on the stage apiece for individual stand up routines.

Jokes covered the topics of the 2016 presidential election, multiracial friendships and people of all demographics banding together for community and acceptance. Chico Bean addressed the African-American girls in the crowd, telling them to value themselves first.

“To my black women, you guys are very, very important, and this is a very important time in your lives. You are in college, these are the formative years,” Bean said. “These are the years where you develop your confidence about yourself. Learn to love yourself first, beautiful black women… stop waiting on men to validate who and what you are. Learn to love yourself first.”

Bean’s advice reached many audience members, surprising and encouraging many.

“When he said that black ladies need to learn to love ourselves, I feel like that was something a lot of us needed to hear,” junior human health and performance major Teanna Hayes said.

Bean also reached out to young men in the audience, extending advice to them as well.

“I know you’re young. Let me tell you one of the most important things you can start doing in your life right now. Tell the truth, all right? Learn how to stop lying,” Bean said.

He continued to explain how he believed men at the college age had still spent most of their lives in an environment that punished them for telling the truth so it was difficult for them to understand when the lying was no longer necessary.

“I think the show was no less than amazing,” junior human health and performance major Sheneka Wicks said.

Bean and Williams ended the night on stage together, inviting students to tune in for the new season of “Wild ‘N Out” coming out in April 2017, airing on MTV and MTV2.