As leaves are falling off trees, a pumpkin spice aroma fills the air and the sweater trends return, students turn to TV and film to relive their nostalgia, but the films and shows they watched have changed over the years.

There are many traditions and trends that appear only in this mild weather season: Starbucks begins to sell the limited time Pumpkin Spice Fraps and latte’s, and as October rolls in the old Halloween movies return, one of the most commonly known being “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

For some families, “Charlie Brown” is a film commonly watched in the fall, while other people see the old film losing its appeal.

“I definitely used to love to watch ‘Charlie Brown’ on the holidays. More commonly, I watched the one with the small cute tree for Christmas. It is kind of dying out though, especially at our age where everyone wants to watch scary movies or even Hocus Pocus,” freshman nursing major Shelby Wagenmaker said. “Charlie Brown is awesome and all, but I think maybe it just is not getting as talked about as opposed to its original generation.”

Wagenmaker also said she loves the song “Come Little Children” and how the line murdering beauty and passion reminds her of her backpack and how it is always trying to kill her with the weight of textbooks.

Some film classics are not the same for everyone. “Charlie Brown” is a classic holiday film to watch, but there are varieties of seasonal movies out there. During October, for example, Freeform airs its traditional “13 Nights of Halloween.”

“I have actually never watched Charlie Brown because as a kid I kind of found it creepy,” sophomore public management major Olivia Hudson said. “The parents never talked, and it was just strange. Instead, my family and I always have to catch ‘13 Days of Halloween’ and the ‘Harry Potter’ marathon on [Freeform].”

Classics tend to remain so in the hearts of viewers, and new classics form as the years pass. Every season the list of “must-watch” shows grows longer.

“Every Halloween and Christmas I have to watch the Charlie Brown holiday films. It is tradition but I prefer watching more modern films now and checking out scary films or ‘Rocky Horror’ in the fall,” sophomore computer science major Jacob Bassel said. “My family and I used to watch Charlie Brown together since it is a classic and we are movie buffs. […] It is not as entertaining as it used to be,” he said.

The classic trends of Fall have changed as time does, but there are still films that stick to memories of generations raised with classics like Charlie Brown. There are many new films to watch each year to get the Fall or Halloween vibe in the air.