The Foy Fitness Center is not just a place for athletes to prep for the big game. Students from several organizations and different parts of the Clarksville community make the Foy a part of their weekly routine.

With the cost of attendance at APSU comes some lesser known perks. One of which is an entire fitness and recreational center on campus being completely free to all students. The center houses areas where students can work out, eat, swim, play, relax, congregate and escape from the stresses of the college environment as the building itself is clean, organized and surprisingly peaceful. When asked about the center, Carmen, a freshman and forensics major, described the ambiance as inviting.

“Today is my first day here, and I can already see myself bringing friends over in between classes,” Carmen said, having arrived at the center with her friend Natalie, a freshman classics major. The two freshman wandered around the building surely satisfied with all it had to offer.

The center has the ability to bring together both nontraditional and traditional students in a way that the classroom cannot: voluntarily.  John Johnson, a 28-year-old education major, had just come out of a “two-hour” workout.

“You can find me here every day. I make sure to take advantage of this great opportunity here on campus” Johnson said. “Working out clears my head, and keeps me energized.” John lifts weights alongside younger and older students on campus.

Similarly, Abby Brown, a junior agricultural major, finds the fitness center in particular to be “a great escape” as she frequents the Foy with several friends at least three times a week.

Perhaps the icing on the cake is the pleasant and welcoming faculty and staff in the building; Tajh Pahman, freshman undecided major, initially had trouble passing the security system in place for the safety of everyone inside, ensuring that only accepted students at APSU could enter with valid identification. A patient and friendly employee was guiding him through every step of the way, who said he was not the first student to see difficulties in trying to get inside.

The Foy Fitness and Recreational Center provided by APSU includes many opportunities for its students, both residing on and commuting to campus. From the scenery, to the machinery, every student is expected to enjoy themselves. Whether it is by themselves or with friends is up to them.