APSU Athletics held a press conference to announce Matt Figger as the new men’s basketball head coach on Thursday, April 6. Figger was all smiles, waiting to speak to APSU fans after becoming the first hire to the position in over 27 years.

“What a great day it is to be a governor,” Athletic Director Ryan Ivey said. “Our goal with APSU Athletics is to create champions. Champions on the competition surface, champions in the classroom and champions in life.”

APSU Athletics believes Figger can be the man to continue that tradition.

The Govs’ administration signed Figger from the University of South Carolina, where he served as the associate head coach and recruiting coordinator.

“One of the biggest things that intrigued me about this job was that there had only been 11 head coaches,” Figger said, “and Coach Loos was here for 27 years”.

Figger said Loos’ long tenure was a reflection of the position and APSU.

“That tells you all about the person that was here,” Figger said. “He loved his job and he loved his university, and vice versa”.

In addition to Ivey, Figger named President Alisa White as a factor in his decision.

“When I got to come up to campus and meet Dr. [Alisa] White I was sold,” Figger said. “Those two people [White and Ivey] made me feel like this is somewhere I really want to be.”

One of the skills Figger brings to APSU is experience with recruiting.

“We are going to turn over every rock in the world. We are going to look for players from all over the U.S. and the world,” Figger said about his recruiting plans.

Figger also spoke about his overall vision for Govs basketball.

“I want athleticism. I want to have a plethora of 6-foot-9-inch, 6-foot-10-inch guys. That fits who we are, that fits our style,” Figger said.

APSU Athletics’ new signing at the head coach position brings in experience of building successful teams with players that have excelled. Figger has been a part of a coaching staff that has featured an national player of the year and a future NBA All-Star.

Under the leadership of Figger, APSU Athletics has the opportunity to see the men’s basketball program rise up in the Ohio Valley Conference.
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