With the rise of Apex Legends, some gamers are convinced that this battle royale game will be the first in the genre to dethrone Fortnite. This is not the case at least not at this point in time. Fortnite is a massive game that took the worlds by storm in 2017.

Business Insider reported that Fortnite is going stronger than ever with more than 200 million players. Additionally, Fortnite has more than 80 million monthly players.

Fortnite is here to stay for a little while longer.

Aside from players, it is estimated that the game has made 2.4 billion dollars throughout 2018. This would make this the highest grossing free-to-play game in the world.

Apart from the profitable aspect of the game, there are more important explanations of why the game is so widely accepted. The most important being that the game is genuinely fun. There are few games that are available that are as fun as this game.

An added bonus for the game is that it is so kid-friendly. This is one game that has no cursing, blood or sexually explicit images. A child could play it and their guardian could be relatively guilt-free.

Conclusively, Fortnite keeps the aging game fresh. They have new modes that release weekly. They have new guns tools and vehicles that are unveiled every season. The game is at a point where it is always exciting, and it still has not gotten stale. It is apparent that the developers are doing a really good job of keeping the consumer’s interested.

It is difficult for games to stay popular because they generally have such short lifespans. Modern Warfare, for instance, was the hottest game on the block for a number of years and Modern Warfare 2 and so forth.

Games are always competing with the next best thing. Perhaps Apex Legends will knock Fortnite off its pedestal.

Apex Legends is developed by the studio that produced the Titanfall game. This is a solid game rivaling all other battle royal genres by giving the player the option of choosing a class.

Electronic Arts, the studio responsible for Apex, is slowly beginning to outpace Fortnite.

Forbes reported that only one hour into the release of the game, it already had one million players. Apex Legends has definitely outpaced the initial launch of its battle royal counterpart, Fortnite.

The class system is a fun, innovative way to allow the player to get an edge or a leg up on the competition. These classes give the player anything from defensive boosts to healing abilities or even teleportation.

While you at this point in time can not do solo matches or duos, the communication in the game is much easier.

The game may feel as polished as Fortnite, yet does it does have a more adult feel to it. One aspect of the game that differs from Fortnite is that the creators traded dance moves for finishers.

The dances that were wildly popular in Fortnite were also one of the biggest hang-ups that the game would constantly run into. A number of celebrities and personalities have filed lawsuits against Epic, the company that developed Fortnite, for using their dances without their permission.

Finishers, however, have no such drawback and are just as satisfying if the player is able to pull it off.

Fortnite is approaching the end of its lifespan and it is plain to see that the producers are pulling out all the stops to keep the game from stagnating. However, most gamers have short attention spans and there is always something better on the horizon.

It is still a little too early for Apex to be competing with Fortnite, despite such a meteoric rise to the limelight.

Fortnite is coming to an end one way or another. Whether Apex Legends does it in or the next big thing, it was an enjoyable ride while it lasted.