» By Chris Coppedge


The recent rash of drug-related crimes in the APSU dorms may point to a growing problem with illegal substance use on campus.

Between Aug. 23 and Sep.12, three instances of “drug paraphernalia-unlawful uses” were reported to campus police and recorded in the campus crime log.

Every instance took place in one of the dorms — specifically, Meacham Apartments, Castle Heights Hall and Hand Village.

However, this is not as deep-seated a problem as it might appear.

“The thing is that these are all isolated incidents, and not ‘drug busts’,” said Terrence Calloway, APSU Chief of Police. “A ‘drug bust’ occurs when there is a large amount of drugs, and there is an intent to distribute them for sale.”

The nature of the incidents at APSU is separate from this.

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Current campus crime log