» By Daniel Newton


Sandusky and Paterno have become words that fuel strong emotions in the last year. It is almost impossible to go a week without hearing something related to the child-abuse scandal that rocked the nation last fall.


A program has been shamed, a school has constantly been shown in a negative light on a regular basis, and whether you feel strongly about the situation or wish it would just go away, there should be one body of work you should be proud of and support: the players.

In all the commotion that has been created, the one group of individuals we as a nation need to support is the Penn State football team, the innocent by-standers caught in the cross-fire. The program may be tarnished, but the team is still a group worth getting behind.

Over the past few months, I have seen my fair share of scandal talk from State College Penn., but the one angle that hits home the most, especially for college students, is the efforts of the team to salvage a season, a program and a community that was demolished over-night.

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