Diversity, inclusion and the ability to converse with others freely is something APSU promotes amongst its students.

The Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center (WNDAACC) personifies these characteristics and makes lasting impacts and impressions on campus.

The director of the WNDAACC Dr. Marcelius Braxton described the atmosphere as such.

“The WNDAACC has had a great impact on APSU’s campus. Students have a place where they feel comfortable and can relax. They also have a place where they can learn, grow, and critically engage with faculty, staff, and students. The WNDAACC brings in students from different identities and backgrounds and allows them the opportunity to meet, talk, and develop friendships all while appreciating African American culture and all of the identities within that culture. We truly are a place for everyone, and the students on campus understand that.”

The atmosphere present in the WNDAACC is one of inclusion and kindness.

While in the center, the environment is one that you can see people are relaxed and at ease, but it is also one which promotes important discussions which they have at their “Lunchtime Forums.”

“People need a space where they can feel like they belong. People need a space where they can be their authentic selves without judgements. People need a space where they can feel free of judgements. People need a space where they can find others who might relate to them on levels that other students and colleagues might not be able to do so,” said Dr. Braxton. “At the same time, people need spaces where they can critically engage with others and address issues that affect their communities. WNDAACC provides that for students. So many students leave colleges/Universities because they don’t feel wanted or feel at home. The WNDAACC aims to provide a space where people can feel the comfort and support they need.”

The center works as a place for voices to be heard and a place where important discussion take place every day.

Their goal is a simple one.

“Our goal is to provide a space where people can appreciate African American culture as a whole as well as a space where people can discuss intersections of identity and how they impact their lives. Our center addresses race, ethnicity, age, gender, ability, sexuality, military status, and a variety of other intersections of identity. By being open to dialogue and embracing identity, we’re able to elevate voices and allow people to speak up. This helps create as inclusive environment.”