The music scene in Clarksville is very lively. Whether you want to listen to local music or go for a more classical or jazz approach with APSU’s music department, Clarksville can give it to you. 

The APSU music department hosts performances ranging from those by orchestras, big bands, wind bands, chamber groups and choirs. The department often also brings in performers from all over via Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts.

There are many local venues that cater to local music taste. Wicked Good Sandwiches goes from ordinary sandwich shop by day to a very warm and comfortable show atmosphere by night. 

&Vinyl offers a small sitting area in the front of their store to become a stage for small gatherings in some of their “After Hours” shows. Every Tuesday night, The Revel house often hosts an open mic night for anyone to come and showcase their talent. The Matchbox hosts house shows roughly once a month for patrons 18 and up, bringing in acts from not just Clarksville but from out of town too.

Clarksville is also home to some outdoor music festivals and events. Possumstock is a very Woodstock-like two-day show that happens out in the woods every fall. This year’s show was held on the 30th and 31st of August.

There are two small stages at either side of the field where Possumstock takes place. Small vendors come to sell to the patrons. Camping is also available for the extremely dedicated local music fans.

Jazz on the Lawn is an event that is hosted by Beachaven Vineyard & Winery that showcases various local musicians.

Wicked Good Sandwiches also holds an indoor and outdoor festival called Summer’s End, where all ages are welcome. It starts on a Saturday night and ends Sunday. This year’s Summer’s End Starts Saturday, September 14 at 9 p.m. and ends Sunday, September 15 around 10 p.m. You can enjoy the music by purchasing a wristband from either the event’s website for $25 or when you arrive at the venue for $35.

There are a lot of different genres that showcase their original workaround Clarksville. Some of the more prominent groups include Whiskey Angel, The Rumps, The Nashville Front Disco, Rufus Dawkins and Clover in the Roses. You can find all of these groups, except for Clover in the Roses, on whatever platform you stream music from.