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Tables turn for vinyl revival

This is a story of two brothers who made their way back to Clarksville from the west coast. They did not return empty-handed.  They brought with them the nation’s growing obsession with vinyl. That’s right —black, waxy old-timey records. Because of them, Clarksville’s downtown once again has a local record ...

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Tidal for all (kind of)

Jay-Z made the news recently after acquiring Swedish music streaming company Aspiro for $54 million. Aspiro is an umbrella corporation housing music streaming services WiMP and Tidal, the latter of which Jay-Z is planning on branding as a contender with music streaming monopoly Spotify. If Tidal does well, it will be for one ...

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VNYL: the Netflix of vinyl

Record subscription services are now a thing, and a pretty popular thing, too. Vinyl records have some of the most voracious and loyal fans conceivable, and these record subscription services’ existence is evidence of that. And I’m here to highlight one of the these services in particular: VNYL. VNYL is a record ...

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Should you be buying physical copies of music?

So vinyl’s making a comeback. It’s cool to have your Wiz Khalifa and System of a Down on the same material that your grandmother would have listened to the Gaither Vocal Band on. But is there any actual merit to owning vinyl, or even cassettes and CDs, other than their ...

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