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Diversity at APSU

The All State asked faculty, staff and students on campus what they thought of diversity at APSU and how it could improve in the future. The following are their responses, which should represent the campus climate and needs better than an opinion piece from our staff would. I feel like  ...

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What do you think about Greek life?

Greek life is a prominent feature on campus. Many people choose to join a fraternity or sorority, ranging from Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council or National Panhellenic Council. While some say that Greek life is just a popularity contest or a way to buy your friends, many others believe that it is ...

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What do you think society expects from you?

You have to dress a certain way. It’s really about the style. The most acceptable style is a buttoned down shirt, jeans that are the correct size and Sperrys. The more expensive it looks, the better.” — Brian Hartley, freshman History major As a man, you have to have goals ...

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Slashing HOPE jeopardizes the future

Your Take How do you feel about the proposal to raise requirements for the HOPE Scholarship? It’s really hard to meet their requirements already and it seems like they’re trying to weed people out.” — Ryan Mann, sophomore History major I think it should be raised. Most people just breeze ...

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