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What do you think society expects from you?

You have to dress a certain way. It’s really about the style. The most acceptable style is a buttoned down shirt, jeans that are the correct size and Sperrys. The more expensive it looks, the better.”
— Brian Hartley, freshman History major

As a man, you have to have goals and a direction where you want to take your life. You have to dress nice. You have to be fit, in shape. Society doesn’t like a fat man.”
— Joshua Gatling, freshman Legal Studies major

[Guys like] when a girl is assertive, not meek. Guys don’t want that. Within the African-American community, there are natural sisters and weave sisters. Men prefer a weave.”
— Leah Webster, sophomore Business Management major

Guys prefer light skin over dark skin. I think we’re all beautiful. Saying we all have to look a certain way breeds insecurity.”
— Melaricca Patton, sophomore Criminal Justice major

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