Your Take

How do you feel about the proposal to raise requirements for the HOPE Scholarship?

It’s really hard to meet their requirements already and it seems like they’re trying to weed people out.” — Ryan Mann, sophomore History major

I think it should be raised. Most people just breeze through school. Other people try hard and deserve more.” — Justin Blankenship, freshman Computer Science major

I don’t see anything wrong with that. It forces people to strive for excellence and work harder.” — Nathan Burleson, senior Biology major

I don’t like it because I don’t have both a 3.0 and a 21 on my ACT and I don’t work. That scholarship is basically how I live.” — Alysha Rush, sophomore Graphic Design major

I’m for it. If you are able to get a 3.0 all through high school, you should be able to pull a 21 on your ACT.” — Jeremy Johnson, sophomore Business Management major

Changing the requirements is not fair. Some people are not good test takers, but study hard and make good grades.” — Justin Gilkey, junior Criminal Justice major