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Diversity at APSU

The All State asked faculty, staff and students on campus what they thought of diversity at APSU and how it could improve in the future. The following are their responses, which should represent the campus climate and needs better than an opinion piece from our staff would. I feel like  ...

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INKED: Tattoos show personality not work ethic

Tattoos should not dictate whether a hiring manager says “yes” or “no.” Someone might get a tattoo for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is a split-second decision, an image chosen based off something the person saw and liked. Perhaps the person wants to get a tattoo to commemorate an ...

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Counseling Services offers essential help

More students should be aware of just how useful student counseling services are when facing mental health issues. Every student at one point or another has had something in their life that began to negatively affect their ability to focus and do well in school. Whether it is some part ...

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Humanities classes teach you passion, art

Humanities classes are more important than many people would like to admit. They are completely necessary and should be required courses. Since technology started to rule the world, parents have been telling their children that computers are most important, that sciences and technology dominate the degree spectrum. The two most ...

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Body positivity urges people to be comfortable in own skin

Body positivity is important – it always has been – and now after decades the status quo for “beautiful” is being broken. The 2000s have been a roller coaster, especially in the world of fashion and beauty. The fashion industry sets the standards for the clothes everyone wears and what ...

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Weed better not: Marijuana should remain criminal

Marijuana, no matter how common its use may be, should remain illegal to possess and use. The case for marijuana has been an extensive one. Most people have rather distinct feelings on the subject, saying it either should or should not be criminal. Many who believe it should be decriminalized ...

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