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Jess Stephens

More political parties, more room for representation

The U.S. has suffered under the reign of a two-party system for long enough. Although some people would argue that the U.S. is not a two-party system, the U.S. truly focuses on the most prevalent parties in the country: the Republican and Democratic parties. There are other political parties aside ...

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News websites should allow public comments

As National Public Radio (NPR) disables its comment feature, we realize that we need those comment sections on news websites more than ever. As of August 23, NPR decided to remove the comment section from their website and move in a new direction. Noticing that only a small percentage of their ...

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Concealed carry makes campus safer

When it comes down to it, guns on campus are not be as bad as many people assume. So many people seem to feel as though guns do all the killing and choose to forget they do so much saving. Between January 2009 and July 2015, there have been 134 ...

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